Malachi: Committed or Contented

The prophets were a special breed. They are included and rightly belong among the heroes of Hebrews 11, v. 32. Many of them described their job with the term, “burden.” They understood how they would be received and treated, and yet they saw how important their task was to God.  Hebrews 11:38 best describes them as, “men of whom the world was not worthy.”

Our study will be upon the last of these prophets, Malachi.  We plan to dig into the background, emphasize the reoccurring thoughts and terms, ask and answer perttinent questions and make applications to our lives, the church and even our nation.

Outline: 1:1-5 doubing God’s love; 1:6-2:9, dishonoriing God’s name; 2:10-16, God’s clear view of divorce; 2:17-4:3, Sins of Judah; 4:4-6, last words,

1:1-5 Questions:

Who is God and Malachi addressing?

What is the response to, “I have loved you?”

What did God do to Esau?

What is God’s response to their determination to rebuild?

What is meant by the immutability of God?