Faith or commands

Do we today, living under the new covenant, live under faith and love covenant, or are we under a command-oriented covenant?

Somehow, faith and love are polarized from commands. The higher spiritual level is a faith and love system. Completely opposite is an obedience and commands system which amounts to a lower spiritual level.

This is how the Old Testament and New Testament are viewed and since we live under the new, the old command basis is obsolete. The New Testament, being superior, dispenses with the necessities of commands because faith and love are superiors. Instead of emphasizing obedience, faith and love take precedence.

Perhaps you disagree as I do. The fact is, there are some problems with this view. There is some truth in these views but error can go camo. First consider some Scriptures.

• 1 John 4:17-18, Motivation should be more than just fear of punishment, 1 Jno 4:17-18.  Eventually and primarily we should be motivated by faith, love!
• The Bible does not leave the impression that faith, love and commands are incompatible. Instead, obedience to commands is the way to show love and faith.
• John 14:21; 15:12; actually command love, not diminished nor merely wished or suggested or presented as an encouragement.
• 1 John 5:3, describes commands as, “not grievous.” It is important to not view commands as burdens. Instead they are all for our good, freedom, and happiness.

The New Testament frequently uses terms that correspond with commands, such as, obey or obedience, John 15:10, 14, 17.

• Matthew 28:20, at the heart of the great commissionwas teaching and observance.
• Revelation 12:17; 14:12, Satan seeks those identified with keeping what God has commanded.
• It is a mistake to make God’s commands inferior. If God is God, andLord, then obedience is in order and fully compatible.
• Acts 5:29, Peter was not ashamed of obedience.
• The book of Romans is framed with the phrase, “obedience of faith,” 1:5; 16:26.
• Galatians 5:7, Obedience is an expression of faith not cowering in doubt but actions based on truthful facts.
• Phil 2:12, interestingly commands obedience with “fear and trembling,” Often we are not what we ought to be lacking in perfect love and fear helps us overcome weaknesses.
• When our motivation not what it ought to be, fear of punishment is needed, just as a child needs fear.
• God knows we don’t do right for perfect reasons all the time. This is why hell is included, as are warnings like, Luke 6:46.
• The Pharisees tried to enforce their traditions and wrongfully as God’s commands, Matthew 15:1-3.
• The solution was not to do away with all commands, but make sure to distinguish God’s commands from man’s traditions.