Examples in the Bible

What about examples in the Bible?

Sometimes it is said before partaking of the Lord’s supper, “…We are to do this as we are commanded in Ac 20:7,”

We might bristle up, and think Ac 20:7 is not a command. It is only an example. Even thinking that it is  important  to make a clear distinction between commands and examples.

There is no hierarchy in the will of God. Commands are not the most important, followed by examples and necessary inferences.

No matter the means, they are still the will of God and equal in importance. A few questions for good discussion,

• Are commands clearer? Ac 14:23; 1 Tim 3:4.
• Which is more prevelant?
• Are commands really directly to us? Ac 2:38; 1 Cor 6:18.